healthy and beautiful feet

Five basic tips to show off healthy and beautiful feet (carne esponjosa na unha como curar) during the hottest months.

Taking care of your feet in summer is easy with these tips that we tell you:

Make a set-up of your feet in a trustworthy podiatric clinic . No one better than a specialist to cleanse your skin and nails. It will also give you the appropriate advice to take care of your feet in summer, the rest of the year and keep them healthy.

Once you have your feet fixed, choose a sandal or summer footwear appropriate to your foot and the activity you are going to perform. Keep in mind that each person has unique feet. Although we like a model we have to consider the width and length of this one. The sandals should not squeeze the foot and must carry loose medium must hold well and at first did not have to bother at any point. It demands a minimum of quality, the footwear excessively cheap usually causes pains or skin allergies in the feet. Finally, make it lightweight and have a sole with some flexibility.

Moisturize the skin of your feet with a cream that contains urea, pharmacy. If you can apply it twice a day, but never do it between your fingers. The skin of the soles of the feet is the hardest and driest of the body, which requires more hydration, especially in summer.

Another tip to take care of your feet in summer: Cut your nails straight and round the corners with a file. Do not cut in corners by habit. Doing so can cause them to start digging into the skin, which is known as "ingrown toenails". Neither hurry them too much nor exceed the end of the finger.

Remember to wear flip-flops in public showers and to dry your feet very well after bathing, emphasize between your fingers. Failure to do so can mean a fungal infection and warts this summer.